​​​​Sculpture in the Parklands


Adele O'Dwyer  (Ireland)

Sculpture in the Parklands, Lough Boora Discovery park
Sculpture in the Parklands, Lough Boora Discovery park

​Funded by University College Dublin Archaeology Department and ​The European Union Educational and Cultural Foundation 

Black is the Earth (original composition for Violin, Cello, Accordion and Percussion)


An original composition for violin, cello, accordion and percussion by Adele O'Dwyer.

We begin in the ice age - the earth is frozen, bleak and lifeless. Gradually the rising temperatures melt the ice, changing the landscape forever. Water flows and the pulse of the earth can be felt as the land is covered with colourful vegetation and animal life. Man arrives - farming the rich soil and fishing the lakes and rivers, he settles the fertile plains. Over time the slowly developing bog becomes a focus for ritual and sacrifice. Modern life brings the mechanization of peat harvesting, forever stripping the black earth of it's long history and life-giving energy. However, in spite of this, the cycle of growth will in time begin again - a return to the earth.

Musicians: Ioana Petcu-Colan, violin; Adele O'Dwyer, cello; Dermot Dunne, accordion and Bernard Reilly, percussion