​​​​Sculpture in the Parklands


David Kinane (Ireland) 

As other artists at Lough Boora have noticed the industrial bog is criss-crossed by lines of machine cuts, drains and railways. While observing this I was also drawn to the image of the Ferbane cooling towers, as I remember them on the horizon. The towers ironically, while appearing to be all curves, are in fact made of straight lines arranged in a circle.

Now I could use the steel and wood of the railway and arrange them in a circle I could build a stable, skeletal construction. I could reference the industrial heritage of the cutaway bog in the choice of materials and by the form they take. From the exterior the sculpture offered an open patterned lattice and in the interior a view of the sky framed by a swirling upward movement

The lines of the piece can be imagined to converge at this place from infinity. Organic wood and machine steel combine in it. Skill and creativity connect between art and the artisans at the Boora workshops.

Sculpture in the Parklands, Lough Boora Discovery park

Boora Convergence