​​​​​Patrick Dougherty at Sculpture in the Parklands
Lough Boora Parklands, Co. Offaly
May 26th  to June 14th, 2008

For three weeks this summer Patrick Dougherty will be artist-in -resident at Lough Boora Parklands, Co. Offaly. Patrick and his band of helpers will twist, weave and entangle hundreds of willow saplings to create a monumental sculpture for Sculpture in the Parklands.
Spanning more than two decades, internationally acclaimed artist Patrick Dougherty has created over 200 large-scale temporary sculptures worldwide. Since creating his first sapling structures in 1982, the artist has travelled throughout the world to create large-scale temporary installations for museums, sculpture parks, botanical gardens, private residencies and festivals. His environmental sculptures have been seen climbing the sides of buildings, finding shelter among a row of trees or winding up the banisters of Museum foyers! Travelling to new sites, meeting the local community and creating a unique work of art inspired by the natural and man-made environment of the area are important aspects of his artistic practice.
Dougherty uses only natural materials for his installations. Over ten tonne of willow saplings will be harvested to create this large-scale installation at Sculpture in the Parklands. Eight craftsperson’s will work along side Dougherty to create one of his largest sculptures to date. Everyday during the construction the sculpture develops and takes on new characteristics that slowly evolve into a finished piece.

Delegate spouse tours: Tuesday, June 10th

Delegate Tours: Wednesday, June 11th



An exhibition of contemporary art inspired by bog ecology, mythology, archaeology, industry and technology. Official launch by
David Bellamy. June 8th at 6pm


 Curators Ruairi O’Cuiv and Kevin O’Dwyer will explore the unique crossroads between the “peatlands” and contemporary art practice. The exhibition will look at artists who have been inspired by bogland ecology, mythology, archaeology, industry and technology. Artists include Grace Weir, Martina Galvin, James Fraher, Alan Counihan, Sean McSweeney, Caroline Madden, Joan MacKarrell and Jorn Ronnau.

David Bellamy will launch the exhibition on Sunday, June 8th at 6pm. Exhibition will be open to the public from June 9th to July 11th.

Aras an Chontae
Offaly County Council Offices

Charleville Road


Arts Night

An evening of original music, video and poetry inspired by the rich cultural  heritage of the boglands. Special delegate performance Tuesday, June 11th at 7.30pm


As part of the International Peat Congress arts programme Sculpture in the Parklands has commissioned film maker Grace Weir and composer Adele O’Dwyer to create original works of art in response to the unique landscape and industrial heritage of the cut away bog. The commissioned works will be premiered at a special delegate Arts Night on Tuesday, June 11th at 7.30 pm.

Grace Weir’s film looks at the subjective aspect of staking a path for the gathering of information and explores the alignment of an actual experience of a place with scientific facts about it. Lough Boora Parklands are man-made but re-sown with nature and oscillate between a planned and executed project and something uncontrollable and wild.

Adele O’Dwyer’s original music composition for quartet is entitled “Black is the Earth” and inspired by “the long history of the peatlands-it’s extensive change over time and the cyclical nature of a process that spans thousands of years.”

Actor and poet Tommy Murray, accompanied by traditional Irish musician Irene Guckian, will weave poetry and prose inspired by the peatlands throughout the evenings performance.

Bridge House Hotel
Millennium Room
Tullamore, Co. Offaly

Patrick Dougherty Installation

Official launch  : June 15th

The official launch of Patrick Dougherty’s monumental sculpture commissioned by Sculpture in the Parklands will be launched at the Visitors Pavilion at 3pm. A special reception for the artist will be held at Teach Lea from 4.30 pm. All are welcome to meet the artist and enjoy the evening.

International Peat Congress 2008

Arts Programming

Sinead O'Dwyer and Patrick Dougherty at Peatlands exhibition opening.

David Bellamy, Alan Counihan, Martina Galvin and Sean McSweeney

Patrick Dougherty at Sculpture in the Parklands.

Sinead O'Dwyer and Patrick Dougherty

​​​​Sculpture in the Parklands