​​​​Sculpture in the Parklands


Sculpture in the Parklands, Lough Boora Discovery park

Walking around in this special landscape, I was thinking about the great forest, that inhabited this landscape over 3000 years ago.

A harsh landscape, played by wind, rain, the elements, by nature.

The 6 or 8 meters peat, cutaway from where we are standing now, The Iron Age road-way constructions across the peaty seas, the size and power of the stone-blocks everywhere.

In direction of the growing green “bog” of leafs from the trees today, my walk of several days, finding all these bogwood, thrown away like dirt and left behind,

I arranged a procession of found black-oak trees coming out of the ground, climbing up to the level of the landscape long ago, like a visual and emotional way up, a bog track;

“ Bog – Wood – Road"

And in time, when the massive baulk of black oak will fall down, the planted oak trees take over there place.

A piece of memory

Bog Wood Road


Johan Seitzema (Netherlands)